Creating Templates

With a little bit of HTML and CSS knowledge you should be able to customize the look and feel of Comic Gopher. The HTML and CSS files are in the templates directory of your Comic Gopher installation.

If you create a new template, please consider contributing it to the community by adding a page for the template on this wiki with your customized template files and maybe a small screenshot and linking to that page from the Community Templates section below.

Make sure you backup your template files before you start editing them because you could cause Comic Gopher to hiccup on your new templates.

The HTML files do have some embedded pseudo-Python code where the dynamic content is inserted. The Python code lines and variables all start with $'s so you might not want to avoid playing with those unless you are feeling lucky. Hopefully I can document how to use those, for the adventurous people you can check out the official documentation at the webpy templating page.

Any feedback on making the system easier to customize would be appreciated. I realize that right now it isn't as flexible as it could be.

Community Templates

The pages below link to templates contributed by Comic Gopher users. You may try these templates out in your own Comic Gopher installation by backing up your templatesdirectory and then replacing the files in your templates directory with those supplied by the custom template you download.

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